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With us the protagonist is the MEAT that is expertly selected in the best farms, a delicate, genuine and tasty product that gives us a unique and uncontrollable flavor, the authentic taste of MEAT. Here you will find simple dishes BISTECCA alla FIORENTINA, La TAGLIATA, FILETTO, CINTA SENESE cooked exclusively on the grill, accompanied by side dishes that characterize our land. THE GOOD and the SIMPLE: this is the philosophy of our kitchen, high quality ingredients cooked in a simple way.

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The butcher’s starter

Beef carpaccio, beef tartare, tongue and green sauce, ragu’ bruschetta, lardo cream bruschetta, little meatballs in tornato sauce

Mixed plate

Raw ham in pepper crust, bacon, salami, capocollo, Italian sausage, ragu’ bruschetta, lardo cream bruschetta, cheese

Ham plate

Raw ham in pepper crust

From the grill the Butcher’s main course

Fassona piemontese fiorentina steak (beef)

Chianina fiorentina steak (beef)

Fassona piemontese steak (beef)

chianina steak (beef)

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